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tree fertiliser

Biochar Tree Fertiliser enriched with potassium phosphate to grow resilient, healthy plants in the harshest conditions.

Ideal for established trees, shrubs, bare root stock in pots or soil, or those growing in infected soils including replanting into soils where previous tree or shrubs have succumbed to disease.  This can be added to new tree planting as well as adding to existing trees including veteran trees, We have been involved in the natural improvement of many veteran trees in the UK, including the Totteridge Yew in London and the the Easingwold Oak.

The biochar pellets enriched with potassium phosphate, mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed and wormcasts.

As this product contains phosphate as such can not be classified as organic by the Soil Association.



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100% Organic
Captures Carbon
Environmentally Friendly
Helps Prevent Disease
Improves Plant Health
Reduces Water Bills
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    We anticipate that orders will be dispatched within 2 workings day of the order being placed, with a 2-3 working day delivery time. Orders will be fulfilled by DPD. Orders over 100kg will be dispatched on a pallet on a 3-5 day economy delivery.


Benefits of Enriched Biochar

Easy to Use

It's easy to apply and, because of its water holding qualities, it means less maintenance of plants, crops and lawns. It also means you'll save a bit on those water bills.

Permanent Effects

Biochar is so high in carbon that it doesn't break down over time, meaning one application is all you need to permanently improve your soil.

Environmentally Friendly

1 tonne of biochar in the ground is the equivalent of 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide permanently sequestered from the atmosphere!

Improves Plant Health

Enriched biochar is proven to boost the health and vitality of nearly every type of plant, and healthier plants are stronger and more productive!

Science Behind Biochar

Carbon Gold was founded in 2007 by Craig Sams and Dan Morrell.

Carbon Gold was established by co-founder of Green & Black’s and former Chairman of the UK’s Soil Association, Craig Sams and Dan Morrell, founder of the Carbon Neutral Company

Carbon Gold Biochar On Garden Bed
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