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Pick and Mix 1L Tub Bundle 2

Looking for an easy, cost-effective way to improve your soil’s health and vitality? Look no further than our Pick & Mix soil amendment bundle!  With seven different organic soil amendments to choose from, including our most popular products the Soil Improver and Fertiliser, you can tailor your order to specifically meet the needs of your garden.
Want to try out a new soil amendment? No problem! Pick one 1L tub of each and experiment with different combinations. Already have a favourite amendment? Order two 1L tubs and stock up. The options are almost endless with our Pick & Mix bundle. Your plants will thank you for the rich, nourishing soil they now have access to. So what are you waiting for? Start rebuilding your soil’s health today with our 2 Tub Pick & Mix bundle.

Are you looking for a way to naturally improve the health of your soil and help the environment at the same time? Look no further than our enriched biochar! This natural soil improver range  has the power to bring a physical, permanent change to your soil. It improves structure, aeration, water-holding capacity, and nutrient retention. We do not use synthetic chemicals or artificial additives in our products, so you can be sure that they are safe for your garden and the environment.

Plus, biochar provides a habitat for beneficial microbiology to thrive, leading to healthier plants. And best of all,  our biochar is environmentally friendly and approved for use in organic growing. By incorporating enriched biochar into your gardening routine, you’ll not only see great improvements in your soil but also in the overall health of our planet. That’s because biochar reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. So why wait? Start using biochar and make a positive change for both your soil and the environment.

Saving the planet, one garden at a time!

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Biochar Fertiliser


Biochar Biology Blend


Biochar Soil Improver


Biochar Tree Soil Improver


Biochar Lawn Improver


Biochar Houseplant Booster


Biochar Compost Rejuvenator


100% Organic
Captures Carbon
Environmentally Friendly
Helps Prevent Disease
Improves Plant Health
Reduces Water Bills
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