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DIY Compost Bundle

Concerned about transporting water in compost? Our bundle of  5kg Coir Block and 1L Biochar Compost Rejuvenator tub are the perfect partnership and alternative to purchasing heavy compost bags.

Coir is made from the dust and fibres of the coconut husk, is a 100% natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly peat-free growing medium. It is the ideal alternative to peat-based products for all varieties of plants and crops, Also known as Coco Peat, our coir blocks are designed to get your garden flourishing in the most environmentally sustainable way.  They are ethically produced and free from soil borne pathogens and weeds.

Coir has a neutral pH, averaging between 5.7 and 6.5. This encourages healthy root systems and prevents soil acidification. Coco Peat also has good aeration and water drainage, to prevent over-watering and plant flooding. As a multi-purpose product, Coco Peat also makes an ideal animal bedding for reptiles. The 5kg brick creates approximately 70 litres in volume when expanded.

Carbon Gold Compost Rejuvenator is the newest product in our Soil Association approved biochar range.  Full of natural biology, fertiliser and biochar it is the perfect organic additive to either your coir block or alternatively to you existing spent compost

How to use

  • Add 17-20 litres of lukewarm water to hydrate the coir block – the water will be absorbed and the brick will begin to break apart
  • The 5kg brick will take approximately 30 minutes to expand
  • Stir and fluff the Coir– add more water if needed
  • Add the Compost Rejuvenator and mix well.
  • It is now ready to be used – you either place in on the ground in your garden, or in a pot/container

This bundle has other benefits too: less lifting and transporting of heavy bags of compost, so less emissions in the atmosphere. In fact, by using our new Biochar Compost Rejuvenator you are actually sequestering (putting back into the soil) carbon and improving your carbon footprint at the same time. By using one tub of our Compost Rejuvenator you are removing around 1.5kg of carbon from the atmosphere.

Saving the planet, one garden at a time!



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100% Organic
Captures Carbon
Environmentally Friendly
Reduces Water Bills
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