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Climate Friendly Gardening Bundle

Carbon Gold Biochar Climate Friendly Bundle is the perfect starter pack for gardener looking to help with current issue of climate change in their garden.

  • 20L Biochar Peat Free All Purpose Compost,
  • 10L Biochar Peat Free Seed Compost,
  • 2kg Biochar Fertiliser
  • 1L Biochar Biology Blend
  • 1L Compost Rejuvenator.

The coir based composts can be used for several seasons by just adding in our compost rejuvenator for the new planting cycle.

What is biochar?

Biochar is charcoal for your garden . It is produced by cooking organic matter at extremely high temperatures, and in the absence of oxygen and this process is called “pyrolysis.” Due to the purity of the biochar it takes centuries to degrade so it is a permanent improvement to your soil.

How does biochar improve my garden?

Using biochar in your soil will bring a physical and permanent change: improving structure, aeration, water holding capacity, and nutrient retention. It has a honeycomb structure that acts as a refuge for the beneficial microbiology which is added to improve plant health. The particles of biochar do not get washed away by rainfall and are always available to your plants. They will act like a series of mini reservoirs retaining water, so even in times of drought you don’t have to water as often as you would otherwise.

Our Guides and Information section has lots of useful hints and tips on how to making your garden more climate friendly.

Biochar locks carbon permanently into the ground, and is an ideal solution for your plants and edibles as well as being a nature based solution to climate change.

Why should I use Carbon Gold Soil Improver?

Carbon Gold products are not just plain biochar, they are enriched with natural biology and trace minerals, so can be used straight away in the soil.

Our enriched biochar products are made in the UK, and are Soil Association approved.



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