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1000L Biochar Lawn Improver

Carbon Gold Biochar Lawn Improver is perfect whether you are planning to give your existing lawn a boost or as a base layer when laying turf or seeds.

Today, Biochar is not only a soil conditioner used to grow healthier plants and grass. With changing climate, drastic weather fluctuations, and an unhealthy environment, biochar has also found a way amongst sustainability experts as a way to capture carbon and reduce climate change. For every ton of biochar produced, 2-3 tons of CO2 equivalent are removed from the carbon cycle. Many growers both home and commercial growers across the world have now adopted the use of biochar extensively, and it’s time people became conscious of the environment and water benefits and started using it for homegrown plants and lawns.

  • Carbon Gold Biochar Lawn Improver is enriched with mycorrhizal, trace minerals and beneficial bacteria to help promote vigorous and healthy plants and root systems.
  • Made in Britain and Soil Association Approved for organic growing although is commonly used by conventional as well as organic growers.
  • Biochar sequesters (locks) carbon into the ground, so it is beneficial to the environment as well as your lawn.

This product is used regularly by sports turf professionals, on golf and bowling greens, polo pitches, racecourses, and sports pitches, because it helps grass roots quickly, makes it super resilient and lusciously green, all without any caustic chemicals. It is also a hygroscopic material which means that it draws in water as well as having the ability to hold onto it. Biochar’s water retention capacity saves water, time, and effort it takes to water lawns regularly. With our biochar Lawn Improver, you can feel less pressure or guilt around the sustainability of your lawn.  So, your grass is in good hands!

Now available for home gardeners in large bulk bags for use on larger areas, this bulk bag will cover an area of 450m2.



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100% Organic
Captures Carbon
Environmentally Friendly
Helps Prevent Disease
Improves Plant Health
Reduces Water Bills
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