Links & Recourses


Links & ResourcesSuggested reading:

‘The Biochar Debate’, James Bruges, Shumacher Briefing, Green Books (2010)

‘Biochar for Environmental Management’, Johannes Lehmann and Stephen Joseph, Earthscan Publications (2009)

‘Biochar Solution: Carbon Farming and Climate Change’, Albert Bates, New Society Publishers (2010)[hr]


IBIInternational Biochar Initiative – The IBI is a non-profit organisation supporting researchers, commercial entities, policy makers, farmers & gardeners, development agents and others committed to sustainable biochar production and use.[hr]


UKBRCUK Biochar Research Centre – The UKBRC’s mission is to research the role of biochar as a carbon storage and sustainable energy technology, and to provide an understanding of the agronomic, environmental and socio-economic impacts of biochar.[hr]